FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (click to view answers)

Where is the crepe factory located?
The CREPiNi factory is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. CREPiNi is an affiliate of the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation.

Does CREPiNi ship products to my area?
Do to Summer temperature crepini is not shipping consumers product
Sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I access wholesale prices if I am a business owner?
Please email for a distributions

Does CREPiNi accept custom orders?
Please email for more information

Can I place a bulk order if I'm not a business owner?
Please email for more information

Can I buy CREPiNi products in stores?
Please email

What ingredients are used in CREPiNi products?
Please see Products Link on our website

How are CREPiNi products made?
Visit our Crepini Youtube page to watch a short video clip and learn more information about how our products are made.

How should I prepare the crepes?
Visit Recipes Link on our website to see more recipes

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